Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Party

Melissa and Zach came down to visit us from Oregon and we all got together to celebrate Melissa's birthday. It was a BLAST! After we had the requested Italian dinner, it was off to the best part...the presents!
The last present she opened was the package of fake mustaches Timmy gave her. It was a inside joke we had, and when he saw that he could buy a package of 20 on line, he had to get them;) There was enough for every one, so we all wore one. I don't have pics of everyone in theirs since my mom took most of the pictures on her camera:(

For dessert we had her favorite Marie Calenders blueberry pie (the pie infront of her is the germanchocolate:). Great way to end the night!

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  1. It was the best birthday party ever! I loved having all of our family there, it was a blast. Thank you for everything! You're a terrific hostess and an awesome sister!! Love, Melissa